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Permanent cosmetics

Nouveau Contour cosmeticsLook your best from get up to go home, day after day.

If you want to wake up looking as good as you did the night before, then permanent cosmetics make-up could be for you.

Enhance your natural beauty with smudge-proof eyeliner and constant lip colour – think of the time and money you could save by not having to put make-up on every day.

Lasting up to four years, permanent cosmetics make-up is especially beneficial for those who desire natural looking make-up that lasts and stays true.

16 years of experience applied with perfection! by Tara Canney

Please ask for information. Consultation required.




Hair-stroke/Powdered brows


Eye Liner


Lip liner/ Lip blush effect


Correction treatments

£170 per treatment

Colour refresh

From £160 per treatment application

Be permanently beautiful with Nouveau Contour permanent cosmetics applied with perfection.

Tattoo removal - £70 per 30 min appointment

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