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Body treatments/massages

Boost your body confidence with beauty enhancers, skin soothers and muscle massages that give an all-over feel good factor.


Back massage

(Aroma – extra £3)


Massages help maintain physical health, relaxation and wellbeing. Concentrating on the back area where tension builds, we can relieve muscle fatigue, improve circulation and much more.

Full body massage

(Aroma – extra £5)


Unwind and take yourself to another world as we relieve unwanted tension from top to bottom with a relaxing full body massage.

Hot stone back massage



Using heated stones, this massage will harmonise, restore and rejuvenate the back at its deepest level.

Hot stone full body massage



Taking you to a pure state of relaxation physically, mentally and spiritually, a hot stone full body massage will remove toxins and calm the nervous system.




A therapy that can help reduce stress and release feel good hormones, reflexology works by encouraging the body’s own healing by putting pressure on specific reflex points on the feet.

Indian head massage



An Indian head massage helps balance the three vital energies in the body. Relieving tension headaches and improving skin and hair condition, this massage can also ease stress and anxiety.


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